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26 juni, 2018
Undersköterskans dag
3 september, 2018

The meaning of the title is greater than we really believe! It will breathe, work and show at what level our education is, it will provide information about what we do and what position we have in healthcare and care.

Sveriges Underskötersskors & Specialistundskötersskor’s Professional Association, SUSF
Has been deeply dysfunctional since 2013 in a bog of education to the underscores. It has been shown to be so many different levels that decision-makers and elected representatives (municipalities) should be ashamed of shame. We at SUSF have completely abandoned Sweden regarding education and started to look at other Nordic education programs.

There we have been stuck to Finnish Neighbors education, which we consider to be thorough in our analysis and reflections, is quite feasible in Sweden with some minor adjustments. We were invited to the Nordic Organization in Helsinki, and from there we obtained a complete picture of the other Nordic education programs, which also provide identification.
We at SUSF have received a lot of support and help from that proposal to the proposal we have presented and been launched since 2013.
To approach the rest of the Nordic countries and to remove the subordination already in our title, a title change is required. To get it is required that many require it. Even third parties, therefore, non-underscores can sign to support us in this.

Please note that our title is not protected every municipality, county council and private healthcare provider to completely
replace our title and give everyone regardless of whether they have education or not, one and the same title.
This without the fact that our elected representatives (municipal) put a brake. Something that has already happened, personal assistant, nursing staff. 
In the near future, that distinction will also be erased as well as the limits of work between
unskilled, healthcare assistants and those who trained to the underscores.
 The question is when this comes and how it can be stopped

IT’S TO REAGATE AND AGAIN !!! Today, we have the most highly regarded OMODER hierarchy in healthcare and care, which would cause Selma Lagerlöf, Astrid Lindgren and Florence Nightingale to be ashamed of their ears. If they lived today !

Our motivation for a new title for underscores, which in a professional ladder leads to Identification according to the SUSF model, is Native Native;

  •  The title will reflect the NEAR work we do, just as in the rest of the Nordic countries
  • Sköterska is established in Sweden so we keep it
  • The title shows higher education and should be protected
  •  Through our title we will show the difference between nurse
    and us
  • Leg. Nursing a more salutougent approach and showing our direct work with people.
  •  The title also reflects that activities aim at equality and quality

Help us pass through a title change NOW to Nurse and sign, We from SUSF ensure that the list of names is sent to the correct instance. Enter and DELA further …

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